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Management & Leadership Development

 Increasing Personal
Impact & Influence



We work with new managers and those recently promoted to help them develop the essential skills required to lead others – motivating and inspiring, setting clear expectations and goals, giving and receiving feedback, coaching and developing, challenging under performance.

We use the 'push and pull' model to explore different influencing approaches and methods plus psychometrics to increase self awareness and understanding of others. Through intensive practice on real issues (often using actors) and feedback, we build confidence and impact.

We work with intact teams, project teams and action learning groups to help members find ways of working together effectively. We help teams recognise and value different approaches amongst team members and explore how they can harness their collective power.

We provide one to one leadership, career and skills coaching. We employ a variety of approaches in this area but often our work involves in-depth feedback following observation of a manager at the workplace. We often use the MBTI or FIRO-B to further develop an individual’s self-awareness.

We include four key components in our work

Building self awareness through psychometric and 360 feedback tools

         Modelling the way with a show me how approach to development

         Offering practical, in the moment learning - catching people getting it right (and almost right)

         Intensive feedback and coaching on overall approach, body language and tone