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Thumbnail photograph of Shirley Pickering

Shirley Pickering - Director


Shirley has a participative facilitation style and encourages participants to share their knowledge and experience so that others can learn from it.

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Thumbnail photograph of Sally Booth

Sally Booth - Director

Sally works successfully at all levels as a participative facilitator and coach, combining energy and sensitivity in all that she does.

Thumbnail photograph of Maggie Saunders

Maggie Saunders


Maggie enjoys using her skills to give practical and immediate feedback from the perspective of behaviours and interpersonal skills.

Thumbnail photograph of Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer


Steve’s passionate and interactive training style ensures that individuals are motivated to learn, whilst focusing on pragmatic solutions.

Thumbnail photograph of Carolyn Clarke


Carolyn Clarke

Carolyn is passionate about bringing out the potential in others through her work as consultant and coach.

Thumbnail photograph of Diana Danziger


Diana Danziger

Diana enjoys working as a coach, exploring and developing individuals’ strengths, and furthering their professional development.

Annelise works as a coach, trainer and consultant and combines strong business awareness with a psychological approach.

Annelise Cruickshank

Thumbnail photograph of Annelise Cruickshank


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Sandra enjoys working extensively in both the public and the private sector, bringing training alive using drama.


Sandra Maitland

Thumbnail photograph of Sandra Maitland

Patrick is a professional actor with more than thirty years experience. He has also directed, written and performed his own work.


Patrick Miller

Thumbnail photograph of Simon Anderson


Thumbnail photograph of Sally Booth

Sue Raeside

Sue is positive, professional and client focused with over 20 years’ learning and development experience.